Thank you for visiting our web site. Outdoor Frontiers Tours is a registered and authorized travel agency with regards to the National Tourism Ministry of Argentina requirements, led by Mariana Busaniche y Andy Jones.

We are a Young company, although we have 25 years experience guiding in the highest peaks og The Andes wich indorses our mountains professional management as high altitude projects developers.

Despite being a small business, we have the highest quakity, security and successful standars. Also, we are committed to generate and preserve a loyal and affectionate relationship with our customers, moderating the social processes that may happen into the groups, to ensure a successful experience.

Andy Jones Aconcagua
Mariana Busaniche Aconcagua

We have had a deep attraction to the high mountains for years, as much as sport activity and spiritual refuge. The mountain landscapes were the real stage to begin our relationship and join our ways as perennial companions. We share styles, methods and visions, most especially a strong passion for the mountains. Actually, we are guiding in all of the South American Andes, in the most important peaks of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Chile, centralizing our supports in Mount Aconcagua, where we have been guiding expeditions for more than 20 years to the summit.

With great effort and dedication we are offering meaningful nature and wine tour experience. Our hope is that as you look through this site, you will find better answers for your travel plans.


We believe that the best moment make the difference, that is why we understand an accomplished mission should not be done in any way; but ensuring a meaningful experience. Contemplating the sunset on the Aconcagua hillside is possible to feel closer to peace and harmony, the balance of flavors in the wines and mountain cuisine of Mendoza can make your senses vibrate.

Expedición Volcán Ojos del Salado


Climbing high mountains changes the lives of the people, it is a deep meeting with ones-self, a meeting with others and with an environment. This involves a serious, honest and responsible approach. Our goal is to accompany this process, simplify it and improve the way to the summit, with specific logistic, accurate security criteria and dedicated commitment.

We believe that guiding management can create better conditions for security and successful guarantees because the Guide is the person who will lead the groups all the time. All our guide are well-versed professionals, responsible, honest with technical expertise and knowledge.


We organized treks all around the south-american Andes from Peru to Patagonia, considering all safety criteria and taking care of every detail.

Our programmes allow walking around Aconcagua, Plata Range, discovering the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu or the Patagonian Villages of El Chalten and El Calafate.


We are offering multi-adventure activities combining rafting, horse-back rides, rock climbing and mountain biking. Inspired by the combination of the earth’s four elements, sun, water, earth and land to allow you to feel in touch with nature, in a joyful experience with family and friends.


Andy Jones Aconcagua

andy jones

High Mountain Guide.
Physical Education Teacher.
Wilderness Firts Responder (WFR).

Spanish, native.
English, 3rd level.

Work Experience:
Since 1995: High Mountain expeditions lider guide in South American Andes.

Since 1995: Physical Education Teacher in basic, high and tertiary level of education.

Sports Background

Central Andes (Argentina / Chile)
  • MT. Aconcagua (6.962 masl – 44 ascents)
  • Ojos del Salado Volcano (6.893 masl)
  • Inca Huasi Volcano(6.660 masl)
  • Mt. Plata (5.968 masl)
  • San Francisco Volcano (6.018 masl)
  • Mt. Vallecitos (5.550 masl – 12 ascents)
  • Mt. Rincón (5.420 masl – 2 ascents / 1 by Supercanaleta route)
  • Licancabur Volcano (5.920 masl)
  • Mt. Ameguino (5.940 masl)
  • Mt. Mulas Muertas (5.624 masl)
  • Mt. Lomas Amarillas (5.159 masl – 2 ascensos / 1 por Huaman)
  • Mt. Bonete (5.024 masl – 20 ascents)
  • Mt. Catedral (5.254 masl – 2 ascents / 1 by Direct route)
  • Mt. Cuerno (5400 masl)
  • Mt. Agustín Alvarez (5.125 masl – 3 ascents / 1 by Tommy Canal)
  • Mt. Franke (5.012 masl – 7 ascents / 1 by Cadena de Diamantes route)
  • Mt. Santa Elena (5.025 masl)
  • Mt. Salto (5.000 masl)
  • More than 40 ascents to 4.000 masl Peaks.
  • Mt. Huascarán (6.768 masl)
  • Mt. Pisco (5.752 masl)
  • Mt. Tocclaraju (6.034 masl)
  • Mt. Ishinca (5.530 masl)
  • Mt. Chopicalqui (6.354 masl)
  • Mt. Urus (5.420 masl)
  • Mt. Ausangate (6.372 masl)
  • Mt. Illimani (6.462 masl)
  • Mt. Illampu (6.368 masl)
  • Mt. Huayna Potosi (6.088 masl)
  • Sajama Volcano (6.542 masl)
  • Mt. Condoriri (5.648 masl)
  • Mt. Pequeño Alpamayo (5.370 masl)
  • Mt. Pirámide Blanca (5.300 masl)
  • Mt. Tarija (5.300 masl)
  • Parinacota Volcano (6.342 masl).
  • Pomerape Volcano (6.282 masl)

Land Navigation Guide (Big Bend National Park – Texas), Rapell Guide (Great Smoky Mountains – Tennessee / North Carolina).

Mariana Busaniche Aconcagua

mariana busaniche

Trekking Guide.
Tourist Guide and Tourism Technician.
Wilderness Firts Responder (WFR).

Spanish, native.
English, 2nd level.
Work Experience:
Since 2005 to 2011:
– Tourist and guest service.
Since 2011:
– Asistant Guide in high mountain expeditions.
– Trekking guide.
Since 2014:
– Tourist guide.

Sports Background

Central Andes (Argentina)
  • Mt. Aconcagua (6.962 masl) by normal route and 360° route.
  • Ojos del Salado Volcano (6.893 masl).
  • Inca Huasi Volcano (6.660 masl).
  • Mt. Plata (5.968 masl)
  • Mt. Montura (5.300 masl).
  • Mt. Bonete (5.100 masl).
  • Mt. Franke (5.000 masl)
  • Mt. Colmillo Blanco, (4400 masl)
  • Mt. Adolfo Calle, (4.220 masl)
  • Mt. Stepanek (4.088 masl)
  • Mt. San Bernardo (4.450 masl)
  • Mt. El Diente del Parra (4.600 masl).
  • Mt. Salto (4.600 masl)
  • Mt. Santa Elena (4.420 masl)
  • Mt. Penitentes (4.342 masl)
  • Mt. Blanco (4.474 masl)
  • Mt. Amarillo (4.405 masl)
  • Mt. Negro del Inca (4.615 masl).
  • Mt. Negro (4.337 masl).
  • Mt. Iluso (4.150 msnm)
  • Mt. Mary, (4.100 msnm)
  • Mt. Serrata (4.229 msnm)
  • Mt. Cáucaso (3.900 msnm)
  • Mt. Lomas Blanca (3.500 msnm)
  • Mt. Estudiante (3.750 msnm)
  • Mt. Arenales (3.300 msnm)
  • Parinacota Volcano (6.342 masl)
  • Mt. Pirámide Blanca (5.300 masl)
  • Mt. Austria (5.100 masl)
  • Mt. Mirador (5.300 masl)
Treks & Travers
  • Mendoza:

Vargas Valley- Mt. Serrata summit – Blanca Valley.

  • Chaltén:

Toro Lagoon – De los Esqui Lagoon – Circo de los Altares – Paso del Viento Refuge – Mt. Huemul turning – Tunel Bay.

Loma del Pliegue Tumbado – Torre Lagoon.

Toro Lagoon – Paso del Viento.

Torre Lagoon – Madre e Hija Lagoon to Poincenot Camp – De los tres Lagoon.

  • Bariloche:

Frey-Jackob, Swiss Colony.

Swiss Colony – Negra Lagoon – C.A.B Lagoon.

  • Catamarca:

Pissis Volcano base camp Mar del Plata to Las Lozas refuge.