Aconcagua Normal Route

Aconcagua - Mendoza


6.962 msnm / 22,843 pies.


Difficult (There are not technical ways, but it requires a very good physical and psychological condition).


20 days.


November to march.

Aconcagua is located in South American Central Andes, it is the highest point of the West Hemisphere. Its latitude (22,843 feet), the environment dryness and difficult breathing, because of low oxygen pressure turn it to be considered an eight thousand meters mountain. For centuries, it’s been the goal for adoration and worship, power and respect for the Andean men, who has left over its hillsides the traces of his millenary history.
Its Normal Route travels along Horcones Valley from Aconcagua South face to North-West face, where Plaza de Mulas base camp is located. Many climbers around the world choose this supported way to the summit.
Climbing the “Top of America” is a dedicated and complex project, that requires compromise with details. 25 years guiding Aconcagua expeditions with 55 times reached the top endorse our experience and high-quality service.

Climbing the highest mountain in America is a deep and fascinating experience!

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