Inca Huasi Volcano & San Francisco Volcano

Catamarca / Argentina


Inca Huasi Volcano: 6.621 masl. - 21,717 feet. / San Francisco Volcano: 6.018 masl. - 19,739 feet.


Physical demanding: high physical demanding ascent, carrying loads (15-20kg / 33-44lbs), in altitude atmosphere.


14 days


October - april

The high Andes at Atacama Puna is an endless wasterland with dry plants, vicuñas, guanacos, colourful lagoons plenty of flamingos and enormous volcanoes provides a particular beauty and make it a really qualified area for climbers. Our proposal is climbing two emblematic volcanoes over 6.000 masl / 20,000 feet… Inca Huasi (The Inca House) and San Francisco.
  • Climbing to two volcanoes over 6.000 masl / 20,000 feet.
  • Unforgewtable experience in The High Andes of Atacama.
  • Small groups with specialized guides.
  • Private transfers.

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