Three big volcanoes



Parinacota Volcano: (6,342 masl – 20,802 feet). / Acotango Volcano (6,060 masl – 19.882 feet). / Guallatiri Volcano (6,063 masl – 19,887 feet).


Moderate (There are not technical steps and requires very good physical and psychological condition).


14 days.


June to September.

Parinacota, Guallatiri and Acotango are three of the highest volcanoes in Bolivia. They are located in Carangas district, at the west side of the bolivian province of Oruro. Our proposal is to use Sajama Town as a base camp, driving four Wheel trucks to approach to the high altitude camps and try the summits. It is possible to enjoy some environmental attractions like geisers, termal lagoons, hot springs and the typical high-plateau wildlife, or taste typical dishes of the andean cuisine. “Three big volcanoes” is a perfect programme to start climbing big mountains.

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